Summer & Winter Individual Postal Leagues

For information please contact Steve Clifton



The ANZ League indoor league series has been a great success over this winter season. We have had over 90 individual archers join in on submitting scores, with several archers have chosen to shoot multiple disciplines.
Multiple clubs and individuals have expressed great interest in continuing this league series past the indoor season and to create an outdoor equivalent, so we have decided to continue this shoot over the summer months (with some changes to the round being shot). Download the full Rules on the right had side.


The ANZ League outdoor league shoot has been a great success over the past decade, and following on from this, Archery New Zealand has developed a new Individual Indoor League system which starts the first week of May and goes for 15 consecutive weeks. This indoor league incorporates a new handicap system that has been used worldwide by some of the largest archery bodies and has proven to be very successful and enjoyable.
Applying this handicap system allows all competitors of the same bow time to compete against one another on a completely level playing field. Download the full Rules on the right had side.