Teams Postal League Draw

Archery New Zealand Postal League
2018 - 2019 Season Draw

Please refer to the below for the draw for your teams. Make sure you fill out the results card and send it back each month. RESULTS TEMPLATE. 


Division 1

Auckland A vs Mountain Green A
Southland A vs Christchurch A 
Riverglade A vs Gisborne 
Auckland A  vs Christchurch A
Mountain Green A vs Gisborne 
Southland A vs Riverglade A
December - January
Auckland A vs Riverglade A
Gisborne A  vs Southland A
Christchurch A vs Mountain Green A
Auckland A vs Gisborne 
Christchurch A vs Riverglade A
Mountain Green A vs Southland A
Auckland A vs Southland A
Riverglade A vs Mountain Green A
Gisborne  vs Christchurch A

Division 2

Auckland B vs Greenwood
Christchurch B vs Manawatu A
River Glade B vs Randwick A
Auckland B vs River Glade B
Randwick A vs Christchurch B
Manawatu A vs Greenwood
December - January
Auckland B vs Manawatu A
Greenwood vs Randwick A
Christchurch B vs River Glade B
Auckland B vs Randwick A
Manawatu A vs River Glade B
Greenwood vs Christchurch B
Auckland B vs Christchurch B
River Glade B vs Greenwood
Randwick A vs Manawatu A

Division 3

Rosebank vs Geraldine
Timaru vs Mountain Green B
Randwick B vs Shore A
Rosebank vs Mountain Green B
Geraldine vs Shore A
Timaru vs Randwick B
December - January
Rosebank vs Randwick B
Shore A vs Timaru
Mountain Green B vs Geraldine
Rosebank vs Timaru
Randwick B vs Geraldine
Shore A vs Mountain Green B
Rosebank vs Shore A
Mountain Green B vs Randwick B
Geraldine vs Timaru

Division 4

Christchurch C vs River Glade C
Shore B vs Mountain Green C
Ellesmere vs Manawatu B
Christchurch C vs Shore B
Ellesmere vs River Glade C
Manawatu B vs Mountain Green C
December - January
Christchurch C vs Ellesmere
Manawatu B vs Shore B
Mountain Green C vs River Glade C
Christchurch C vs Manawatu B
Mountain Green C vs Ellesmere
River Glade C vs Shore B
Christchurch C vs Mountain Green C
River Glade C vs Manawatu B
Shore B vs Ellesmere

Division 5

Auckland C vs GGWAS A
Trentham Camp vs Randwick C
Dunedin vs (bye)
Auckland C vs (bye)
Dunedin vs Trentham Camp
Randwick C vs GGWAS A
December - January
Auckland C vs Randwick C
GGWAS A vs Dunedin
Trentham Camp vs (bye)
Auckland C vs Trentham Camp
GGWAS A vs (bye)
Dunedin vs Randwick C
Auckland C vs Dunedin
Randwick C vs (bye)
GGWAS A vs Trentham Camp

Division 6

Southland B vs Mana
Manawatu C vs (bye)
Waiarapa vs GGWAS B
Southland B vs (bye)
Waiarapa vs Mana
GGWAS B vs Manawatu C
December - January
Southland B vs Manawatu C
Mana vs GGWAS B
Waiarapa vs (bye)
Southland B vs Waiarapa
GGWAS B vs (bye)
Manawatu C vs Mana
Southland B vs GGWAS B
Manawatu C vs Waiarapa
Mana vs (bye)