Selection Info


Selection Info

The 2019 Selection event will take place at Mountain Green Archery Club on the 12th & 13th January 2018 - entries will be available in due course.

Teams Officials Application Form 2019

-- Archery NZ Application for Dispensation


Intention to Apply Form 2019

Selection Policy and Criteria for National Team 2019

Selection Policy & Criteria for World 3D Championships 2019

The Archery NZ Selection Policy & Criteria for the 2019 World 3D Championships has been amended.  The original policy was for a 24 target 3D round, however due to Archery NZ National Field Championship being only able to run a 20 target 3D round qualification score have been included for this too.  The amended policy also now includes "instinctive" in the divisions.

Selection Policy & Criteria for Summer Universiades 2019

UTSNZ asked for some minor changes to be made to our Universiades 2019 Policy - the qualification criteria itself has not changed, there are some changes around dates and wording. See above for updated version.

Selection Policy & Criteria for Trans-Tasman 2019

The 2019 Selection Policy differs from the Selection Policy for 2018.  For the 2019 Selection event access to World Cup, Asia & European Grand Prix's there is a MQS to gain access to the selection event, there is a higher access for those who wish to qualify through this event for the 2019 World Championships.

Selection Policy & Criteria for Pacific Mini Games 2019

Selection Policy for the Pacific Games CQT for Mixed Recurve Teams for Tokyo 2020 is now available. Please note that as New Zealand & Australia are ineligible to compete in the Archery at the Pacific Games, archers are only able to shoot the first of the two 72 arrow rounds as qualification. Then only 1 MR & 1 WR from the New Zealand Team will go on to compete in the Mixed Team Match Play at the CQT (Continental Qualifying Tournament). The Team is not able to participate in the whole Pacific Games Event. We will need a Team Official to travel with the Team for this event and are taking applications.



2019 Selection Policy Appendices

Archery NZ International Event Selection Registration Form

Archery NZ Team Agreement & Code of Conduct