Archer Ranking

Notes to the ranking system:

In light of new junior RMT rounds that are being shot, a new 72 to 144 arrow round conversion table has been produced allowing conversion from these new 72 arrow rounds (shot at 45m and 30m) to the age equivalent 144 arrow rounds Download 72 arrow to 144 arrow round Conversion Chart.  In addition, a new table has been produced for the crossbow round to allow the conversion of the TC480 and TC900 round to the TC960 round Download Crossbow rankings Conversion Chart.  The four new changes are:
1)  Conversion between the three major crossbow rounds (TC960, TC900 and the new RMT round of TC480).
2) Processing of the new junior RMT rounds of 72 arrows at 45m and 30m for JAMA rankings.
3) A change in the way the names are listed to be more ‘WA-like’, in other words “Joe Bloggs” is now “BLOGGS Joe”.
4) Inclusion of a new second column in the tables to show the change in the ranking as compared to the previous month.  This column shows the change in the ranking either as “up XX” where XX is the number of positions that have changed; “down XX” for those positions that have dropped; “same” for unchanged rankings; and finally “new” for new table entrants this month.
All other factors and methods for ranking calculations remain the same. 

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Updates to the Archery NZ Ranking System – November 2011
Further to the 2011 Athletes’ AGM where a conversion process was suggested to include the 72 arrow rounds in the ranking, the work has now been completed, and is now being used with the start of the 2011/2012 season.  This announcement describes the changes to the scheme.

Rounds allowed:

  • The new National Ranking scheme focuses only on full outdoor World Archery (WA) rounds, appropriate for age and gender.  These are the 144 arrow 90m, 70m, 60m, 55m, 40m and 25m WA rounds, initially for compound and recurve.
  • In addition, 72 arrow rounds shot at 50m for compound archers, and at either 60m or 70m for recurve archers are now included.
  • Rounds shot in major tournaments and international tournaments are all eligible events to count towards the new National Ranking.
  • An archer has to shoot at least once every 12 months to stay on the Ranking list. 


  • Any 72 arrow scores are converted to an equivalent 144 arrow round score according to a new set of tables to be found in this section, and are available for download as a PDF.
  • These converted scores are then used as the basis for the time reduction procedure, in which every archer's converted scores are reduced each month by 10 points.  
  • Archers are then ranked on the sum of their top two time-adjusted score for these converted 144 arrow rounds. These two scores can occur in the same weekend tournament.  For example, a FITA of 1250 shot in January will have an adjusted score of 1250 for the January ranking, 1240 for February, 1230 for March etc.
  • It should be noted that the top two scores for an archer could be two 144 arrow rounds, two 72 arrow rounds, or one of each.
  • Archers will get a National Ranking in whatever round and bow type they shoot, so it will be possible for people to obtain rankings in more than one category.
  • No other scores or contributions to scores in any other way are included in the National Ranking – it is based on converted 144 arrow scores only.

Monthly updates:

  • As previously, the new National Ranking lists will be published on the Archery New Zealand website within the first week of the new month, and will reflect the scores shot in the previous month.  So, in November 2011, all score shot in October 2011 and before are considered for an archer's ranking.
  • National Rankings will continue throughout the year.The Ranking List Administrator has worked out the rankings based on all the scores in the year prior to October 2011, the first lists published reflect that fact i.e. they includes points from rounds shot earlier this year.  This is especially the case for the 72 arrow rounds, which have not figured in the procedure before.


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