Strategic Plan

Executive summary    

The Board of Archery New Zealand has written the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 puts shape and purpose into Archery New Zealand Inc (ArcheryNZ).  The 2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan was adopted by the members of ArcheryNZ at the 2015 AGM.

The Strategic Plan is a “Living Document”.  A living document is a dynamic document that is continually edited and updated.  It may evolve through successive updates and be expanded as needed as the needs of ArcheryNZ evolve and change.

Greater planning and direction is required to enable everyone to participate and to contribute to the cause of improving the sport of archery in New Zealand.

It is important to set out the values of ArcheryNZ that underpin and direct all we do    


ArcheryNZ has four basic goals to:

• Involve as many people as we can whether they be archers, officials, supporters and/or financial contributors.

•   Enable all these people and groups to become and remain actively involved.

•  Build on the work of past and present members, celebrating their successes and providing a platform for the future.

•  Review what has been done, how it has been done, how successful or not it was and learn from the analysis to make greater progress.

The four Commissions are integral parts of ArcheryNZ. For archery to progress each of the Commissions must play its part in working with the Districts and supporting its members to achieve their respective ambitions, to increase the size of its membership and thus of ArcheryNZ and to provide clear pathways for athletes at all levels and provide access to ANZ accredited coaches for members.

The Strategic Plan is published on the website, sent to clubs and our Key Stake Holders such as NZOC & SportNZ and used as the base to market archery as an attractive, enjoyable sport at all levels for people of all abilities.

The success in all of these aspects will depend on the willingness of each member to contribute and to recruit others to support archery in New Zealand.


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