Membership Options

It’s that time of year again…

It’s getting close to that time when the Archery NZ Membership Secretary would be sending out emails to remind you all of the upcoming membership 2018 – 2019 year and the need to renew your membership.

New or returning Archery NZ Members:

Please log on to:

  • Enter your email address - you will get a message saying it is not recognised and the option to set up an account.
  • Set up an account with your email and create a password.
  • Select Archery NZ from organisations and fill in your profile details, select which level of membership you require and save.
  • You will be sent an invoice for the appropriate membership fees.  If you have not received an invoice within 5 days, please email  to advise.

Thank you.

Below is a list of all the membership classes available.

Full member - Senior, Masters and youth levels (U20) & (U10)

This membership entitles the holder to participate in all activities of ArcheryNZ, including selection for national representative teams where appropriate and National Tournaments.

Non Shooting/Administration member

Non-shooting member but contributing to clubs, districts and/or national levels.

Postal event member – Senior and Junior

This would enable the holder to participate in local and national postal shoots only, including the Ryan and Fraser Shields & Royle Hutton plus any proposed future postal events.

Social member (District)

A person who shoots only at his / her member club and, if District rules permit, at District postal competitions and District Championships.

Associate member (Archery in Schools)

Young archers who compete only for their schools in the Archery in schools programmes (AIS) could become an “Associate” member which would offer no other membership privileges apart from shooting in the AIS programme. The clubs who assist in running AIS for a school or schools at the clubs range should strongly encourage the AIS archers to join the club.

Life Member (existing) – By award.


There are three main payment methods:

• Personal direct credit (internet banking)

Kiwi Bank account # 38-9015-0468141-01

Please add your Surname and Initial’s as the reference for internet banking and if possible ‘MEM1718’ so the payments can easily be identified.  Please forward your automated confirmation e-mail to the membership secretary when your internet payment is made.

• Personal cheque mailed to the membership secretary for the amount owed

Please include a note or copy of the automated response indicating what/who payment is for.

• En Bloc payment (cheque or direct credit) from your club (check with your club to see if they provide this service)

Cheque - Please include a list or send a spreadsheet indicating who is covered for the payment.  Please indicate any new members.

Please add club name / initials and payment # as the reference e.g. “ANZ1” & “MEM1718” if possible.  Please send a list of who and / or what is covered by the payment either by email or post to the Membership Secretary. 

The Membership Secretary is concerned with membership payments and Archer subscriptions only.  Extra payments made for other items require additional work for the Membership Secretary and slows down the processing of membership confirmation for you and other people.

Payments for awards, tournament registrations, tournament entries or other payments should be paid for separately and directed to the officer that handles those items.

Priority will be given to those members who have submitted a member registration form and where we can quickly identify a payment source to allocate against the database entry.

Thank you for help in making this process work quickly and efficiently.

Please direct any queries to

Frances Ross

Membership Secretary